Riding Lessons

Young Riders Academy Lesson Program for Seattle Students

Deerfield Farm offers Seattle area students the opportunity to become a part of our riding academy lesson program and offers more than just riding lessons.

We have discovered that through a relationship with horses, students discover skills such as commitment, hard work, leadership, confidence and awareness.

Our dedication to creating extraordinary human beings as well as extraordinary equestrians is what sets us apart.

Deerfield Farm specializes in these horseback riding styles:

  • Hunt Seat
  • Western
  • Equitation
  • Dressage

You can make new friends and become the best rider you can under the direction of well-educated instructors who have been perfecting our program over 40 years.

With hundreds of World and National titles and a nationally acclaimed program, I think it's safe to say our program works!

riding lessons

Adult and Youth Riding Lessons

riding lessonsYouth are not the only ones who benefit from our programs; we also offer lessons to adults in the Seattle area. These lessons give adults the opportunity to experience harmony, balance, courage, and accomplishment in a unique way.

Horses offer us the ability to look inside ourselves and experience a whole new level of being. Deerfield Farm encourages you to come out and discover the power these magnificent animals hold.

Lessons offered all year around

  • Monday - Friday: 6AM-7pm
  • Saturday- 7Am-7pm
  • Sunday- 9am-6pm
45 minute private beginner's lesson ($65)

Given to any beginning rider not yet ready to ride in a semi-private lesson.

This lesson includes learning how to groom, tack-up, un-tack, ride and care for your horse. Depending on age, skill level and ability, riding time is usually 30 minutes.

1 hour semi-private lesson ($65)

Semi-private lessons are the ultimate goal for our students. These lessons are for riders who can safely handle their horses.

These lessons offers more ride time and interaction as the level of intensity rises (age appropriate). Students can tack-up effectively with help if needed. Ride time is about 50 minutes.

From our head trainer Katie

My students and horses are hands-down the biggest source of inspiration and pride for me. All students have the unbelievable potential for greatness in their life and the life of their horse.

My hope is that through coaching and many hours of practice, they can learn to have compassion for their horse, instead of anger. Learning to stay calm and centered when you are faced with difficulty is one of the greatest lessons I believe the horse has to share.

My hope (for the students I interact with) is that out of riding hourses, they are able to make a positive change in the world because of the self-discipline, integrity and compassion they learn from their horse.

Seattle Young Riders Academy Overnights (Y.R.A.O.)

Young riders academyEvery month we will be hosting an overnight event. Your child will be spending 3 hours in the barn riding, playing games and learning something new.

We then move up to the log house where we will eat healthy food, play games and more. Deerfield provides comfortable bunk beds, clean sheets, a warm shower and lots of fun for our students.

YRA overnights are scheduled frequently during the fall, winter and spring so check with your instructor for available nights.

Please understand we only have 10 spots, many of which are reserved in advance,
so call now (425) 222-7639

Policies for riding lessons

  • 24 hour cancellation policy needed to be eligible for a make-up
  • Payment due at the beginning of the month (no later than the 7th)

Now that our daughter, Alyssa, has graduated from high school and entered a new phase in her life, we look back on her eight years at Deerfield and feel incredibly fortunate that she had the experience and influence of your program to shape her into the person she is today.

We may have started Alyssa at Deerfield for horseback riding lessons, but what Alyssa got from Deerfield went far beyond horsemanship.  Deerfield is about responsibility, confidence, leadership, passion, hard work, dedication, teamwork and mastering a skill at the highest level through focus, discipline and commitment.  Oh, and by the way, kids become world champions at their sport along the way.

You two are amazing role models.  While it is not uncommon to find women coaches for youth activities, it is most rare to find women coaches who are willing to expand their influence beyond teaching athletic skills and tactics. You turn lessons into powerful messages about life and you personally model attributes we all seek to attain.  You set high standards and expect the best.  You encourage risk taking.  You apply rigorous discipline, balanced with compassion.  You instill respect, for self, family, the team, the community and the world.

We are in awe when we see you inspire a rider to channel the incredible energy of a 1,500 pound animal into a polished performance, communicating with a gentle touch and no words, and controlling their own mental state under the most stressful of circumstances.  In your arena, riders find inner strength to battle their fears and grow into responsible adults.

Thank you for your genuine interest in Alyssa and your part in her development into a strong young woman who knows she can and will change the world in a positive, meaningful way. 

May you continue to offer the true joy in life, behind your green gate.

- Susan Swartz and Toby Suhm

To me, Deerfield farm is a home away from home. It is a safe place for me to be. When I enter that green gate, it is more than just another furry pony club. It is the place where I ride with dignity, and every time I walk into the barn, I am proud to call Deerfield my barn.

Deerfield is not just a barn though. It is a leadership program. It is a place where I can feel free to say whatever I need to, it is a place where I am accountable for every move I make and every word I say. It is a place where I look forward to going after school. Jessica and Sue have been such an inspiration since the first time I ever set foot inside of that barn. I am understanding now that Deerfield is not all about riding the horse, but learning how to be calm in the face of adversity, through horses. For me, what I have learned about feel in itself helps me in my everyday life.

I can honestly say that if I didn’t have Deerfield in my life, I would be a mediocre person living an ordinary life. But Deerfield has taught me how to be a person of excellence and live an extraordinary life.

Deerfield farm has changed my life and will continue to do so.

- Josie

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